Korou Education Foundation

Coordinator - Data Collection

Imphal, Manipur, India

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Digital India Bhashini, the National Language Translation Mission, with the vision of harnessing natural language technologies to create a diverse ecosystem of contributors, partnering entities and citizens for the purpose of transcending language barriers, thereby ensuring digital inclusion and digital empowerment in an Atma Nirbhar Bharat. To this end, the Mission aims to develop a public digital platform for making available open-source artificial intelligence (AI) models in Indian languages to enable speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion and optical character recognition in these languages and also to enable text-to-text translation and transliteration among these languages and English. Development and efficacy of the AI models requires large and good quality language datasets in speech and text forms. For this mission, Korou Education Foundation is the official partner for the Manipuri language.


This is a brief overview of the role: 
  • Deliverable task is to collect voice data from around 800 individuals from across 16 districts in Manipur. It will be divided among 6 Coordinators.

  • For which, Coordinators will make a list of 50-100 participants from each district by the district concern Coordinator and need to ensure their participation.

  • Each participant will be given incentives of Rs.500.

  • Interaction for voice data collection will be at a designated convenient spot like a hotel in the district town.

  • Each interaction with each participant will be around 50 min.

  • Interaction procedure is a standardised process. The conversation will be recorded using mobile apps which will be installed in the participants' mobile phones.

  • Coordinators will move to all the districts one after another. Will need to even stay overnight in the hotels for hill districts. This is an engagement of minimum 6 months starting from 10th of Nov 2022. 


  • Natives of Manipur who are speak native Manipuri.

  • Natives of Manipur who can read either Manipuri Meitei Mayek or Manipuri Bangali script fluently.

  • We need people who are good in English both spoken and written.

  • We need good conversationalists. The interaction with the participants will involve talking about the interest areas of each of the participants. It can be anything under the sun, like on Finance, Tech, Agri, Politics, Entrepreneurship etc. You will have to lead and continue the conversation to sound like a natural conversation.

  • We need people who are friendly, welcoming and open to everyone. So, who can easily lead a conversation with a stranger.

  • This role demands young people. 

Minimum qualification

Any University Graduate is eligible. We encourage people with Journalism, Mass Comm for the role. And we highly encourage women to apply for this.


Minimum of Rs.25000/month or depending on the person's capacity and experience.


Please write your interest for the position along with your CV to connect@korou.org.