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  • Yasin Khan

Surprising reasons for adults to read picture books

You are not motivated to read is because you haven’t found the right book for you. You may find the right book for you from among the children’s picture book on a subject closest to you. Not all children picture books are written only for children but for all ages and all tastes of life. Not all children picture books are like Panchatantra stories to Indians.

Children's picture books talk about big and complex subjects of life simpler and take you to the plot before your patience gets over and retains life-long in mind unlike one-inch volume adult books cannot do. If reading a one-inch volume adult book is climbing a mountain, then pick a picture book on a subject you love and reach the peak of the smaller hill.

Tons of book review and summary short videos are being watched on YouTube among book lovers who are busy with work life. Book summary companies like Blinkist are booming in book summary business. Children picture books serve a similar purpose and in a more valuable way to adults, according to me. Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist: A Graphic Novel for children tells a simpler story about following your dream and presents the plot quicker than that of an adult version The Alchemist does. Yes, children's picture books do not always serve as a summary of the adult's version just as The Alchemist: A Graphic Novel does for The Alchemist. In other words, there is no dearth of powerful children's picture books that covers the subject for adults who are hooked on YouTube and Blinkist for book summaries.

There must be hardly any adult books that talk and console you about death and loss better than Oliver Jeffers' picture book The Heart and the Bottle and Wolf Erlbruch's picture book 'Duck, Death and the Tulip'. There is hardly any other adult that can give you an entrepreneurial mindset than Kobi Yamada's New York Bestselling children's picture books - What do you do with an idea? and What do you do with a problem?

I am not sure Carol Dweck's Mindset : Changing The Way You Think To Fulfil Your Potential and any other similar adult book can push you from zero to one as Peter H. Reynold's picture book The Dot can do to your life. I am not sure any other life-coaching books on leading a more meaningful and purposeful life than internationally acclaimed Life- Coach, Wyne W. Dyer's picture books like I Am, It's Not What You Have Got, Unstoppable Me, Incredible You, etc. can transform you. I wonder if George S. Clason's adult book The Richest Man in Babylon can teach you to live a frugal life better than Phoebe Gilman's children picture book Something from Nothing can teach you.

These are a few books that came through my mind while writing this. In reiteration, there is no dearth of such books through which an adult can relax with family and also for the self towards something big you aspire for in life. Which picture book is going to be your next pick?

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