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Community English Language skilling Centre

School closure during COVID has made more than 5 lac poorest of the poor children lost their learning in Manipur. Internet free learning is the only solution for them. We are are providing community English learning centre with high quality learning materials. If we do not intervene, the learning lost of two years cannot lifetime lost.


Self-Learning Booklet direct to home. 

COVID has made children made children victim of mental health issues now especially those who cannot afford a notebook, leave alone about owing a smartphone. During this time, we are providing internet free self-learning booklets to practice and learn by self but with one-on-one learning support through a village educated youth, a Village Reading Coach (VRC), in our term.

Library in schools

If a child gets to read thoughtfully curated 300 books by the end of Grade 5 it is a great achievement in her life not only from English language skilling point of view which is our main objective but also the horizon of exposure to children literature. We work to make sure a child is competent in English language while exposing to this wide range of children literature.



This is our office cum resource center in Imphal. The space, the team, daily use items, accounting and many more are behind the scene overhead cost.  


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This below given form is mandatory if you are making donation direct to your bank account. We will send you the 80G certificate within 24hrs of your transaction. 

*Since we don't have FCRA certificate, only Indian nationals and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can make donation to Korou Education Foundation. 

Korou Education Foundation

Axis Bank, Chingmeirong, Imphal, Manipur

Account : 918020111745366

IFSC : UTIB0003210

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