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Korou Education Foundation

Foundational English Teaching Resources
for Teachers


We were doing only with Library program till COVID outbreak with the same objective of increasing student's reading competency. We realised the necessity of a separate vertical on foundation English language instructional training for Govt. school teachers.

The necessity emerged because of the learning loss of two years because of school lockdown because of COVID. In order to cope up with the loss teachers required a pre-design rapid learning instructional plan for English language.


We developed instructional manual and other resources for govt. school teachers for Foundational English language. The reason we focused more developing teachers' instructional manual is that we believe it is much more result oriented when teachers are given physical copy of a manual and other resources in addition to training sessions.


Our resources are ready-to-use anywhere in any context. Manipur and every state in the North East states are diverse from ethnicity to language. Our resources are developed keeping the diversity in mind. Our contents are gender sensitive. The contents are suitable for Govt. school teachers' nature of working and capacity of learning and implementation. 

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