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Library set-up and operational manual for Govt. schools.

Library for All


Library for All (LfA) is a flagship program of Korou Education Foundation. We kicked off our very first initiative with Library for All program in 2017 in Ukhrul district, a tribal hill district of Manipur. We started with tribal community and is our special attention because hilly districts are the most backward though they comprise of 80% of total area of Manipur. The acuteness of absence of story books in the schools is across Manipur. Our believe has grown stronger in the 4 years of working with teachers and students that well curated library in the schools and well researched library process of library can solve the classroom learning crisis to an extent.

Why LfA ?

  • 91% of schools in Manipur do not have library and library books at all. The scenario is similar across 7 states of North East India.

  • It is against the Schedule-VI of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 and NEP 2020.

  • We believe that the crisis of learning crisis lies in how much the teachers and the students reading and what.

  • Children do not read because they are not given the books they want to read, so for the teachers. 


  • We work directly with the school Principal, English language teacher and a focal teacher at the school level. 

  • We work directly with School Inspector and Zonal Education Officer at Zonal authority level. 

  • In the village schools communities involve in setting up the libraries.

How we doing it ?

What we provide to schools ?

  1. Support in setting up the space for library.

  2.  Most importantly a set of well curated story books. 

  3. Second most importantly we provide the know-how of the operation of the library ranging from using the library towards increasing children English reading skill to management of the library. 

  4. For this, we provide a library set-up and operational hard copy manual followed by a handholding training for the teachers. 

  5. We provide human resource on regular interval for classroom and library operational support delivering many planned activities with children and teachers mainly using children literature to enhance English competency (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing subskills), critical thinking, communication and collaboration.


How much we have done  ?

  • 11000+ students benefited from the program.

  • 5000+ books stocked in 30 schools across Ukhrul district, Imphal East and Imphal West districts.  

  • Teachers' objective changed from merely completing textbook syllabus but gain grade appropriate English language skills. 

A scene of read-aloud session in a Govt. school.

Story of significant change

This is Jenifer from a village on one of the hills of Ukhrul district. Leaving her family at the village she was staying at her aunt's place in Ukhrul hill station. Her village is three and half hours hairpin bends hilly drive from Ukhrul hill station. She came to her aunt's place for babysitting. She was dropped out from the school. She was neither simply interesting in going to school nor her aunt insisted to go since she was helpful in babysitting.


Our team found her on a community walk. The team somehow convinced her that she won't get bored being the school anymore. From the day one of her coming back to school she was introduced into the library filled with attractive story books and friendly read-aloud sessions by our team members. She started taking books home. Since then she has not only been regular to school but also became an avid reader.

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