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Self-Learning Booklets


School lockdown during COVID-19 has taken children to the time of the civilization in which there was no education at all. More than 5 lacs children in Manipur alone pushed completely away from any kind of Education.

The 80% of the geography of Manipur is hilly and has limited access to electricity and on top to of that access to devices for children is the most critical challenge for internet-based learning.


The only proven solution to let children continue their learning has been the internet free self-learning materials. It was designed to let themselves learn by practice with limited teaching support children have at home during COVID. Some of the features of the SLBs are : 

  • SLBs are attractive enough with colour and visuals so the children engage by self. 

  • SLBs are easy enough to learn by self seeing the visuals and learn by practice.


We have got an overwhelming response from the parents and children. We have already delivered SLBs direct to 3700+ children families. We have distributed more than 75000 pages of SLBs. We collect children's competency level in English language of each every child through a highly reliable tech platform. Appropriate to their learning level we delivered SLBs. Our Village level Reading Coaches (VRCs) engage with the children one-on-one to provide teaching support to children. We have covered the tribal villages of hill  districts and valley districts covering seven districts in Manipur. 

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