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  • Yasin Khan

What do you do with an Idea ?

One day, a boy had an idea. He know nothing where it came from, how and where is it. He wondered what to do with an idea? The idea kept following him. He then anyway kept to himself. The idea wanted attention, food and care. The idea gradually became his friend. He started feeling attached with the idea. People said it's too weird idea, good for nothing and waste of time. He thought of giving up on his idea at some point. He realised, "it is MY idea anyway, what they really know about my idea more than I do". He kept nurturing it. It grew bigger, so his love for his idea. One day something magical happened…

So many idea pops up in our mind every day. Some idea are noticed by our thought process while some are not. Some noticed idea are ignored because of not fitting in our preconceived system while some are nurtured. The idea that got attention gets nurtured and the idea becomes the person and vice versa.

The moment I received this book from the Amazon delivery man, I felt like keeping this book beside my pillow. This award winning and New York Times best seller children book authored by Kobi Yamada takes to the stages of an idea getting matured to a person's life. This is not just children's picture book but for all ages including adults who wish to walk off the status quo to start their venture or those whose idea is tangled in introspection.

The book portrays the pathways to a creative thought process. The author artfully crafted the text and the illustrator made the perfect visual complementary. The beautiful and innocent thoughts the boy had with his idea just hooked me. This book is a perfect read for nurturing entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.

An agile mind with lean innovative is the survival tool for 21st century. This book is a life changing gift for the young generation of 21st century. The book will make you and your young ones wonder what to do with an idea.

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